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Abdul Aziz , Adam (2014) Fabrication and characteristic study of alumina tool using cold isotatic press. Masters thesis, UTeM.

Abu Bakar , Aramjat (2014) The effects of glass waste and grog on physical and mechanical properties in porcelain by powder pressing method. Masters thesis, UTeM.

Ahmad Zaifazlin , Zainordin (2014) Characterization of magnetorheological brake for speed control application. Masters thesis, UTeM.

Al , Munawir (2014) A corrected model of statistical energy analysis (SEA) in a non-reverberant acoustic space. Masters thesis, UTeM.

Anantharao , Supramaniam (2014) Implementation of online monitoring system to determine overall equipment effectiveness. Masters thesis, UTeM.

Aznizam , Abdullah (2014) Design and finite element analysis of interference press-fit aluminium nut. Masters thesis, UTeM.

Azrin , Tahrel (2014) Evaluation of ceramic lab facalities layout design of KKTM Masjid Tanah using SLP method. Masters thesis, UTeM.


Edynoor , Osman (2014) Hygrothermal effect on hybrid composite by using filement winding process. Masters thesis, UTeM.

Eswari Devi , Ramachandran (2014) Productivity improvement : preventive actions for hard defect failure reduction at hard disk drive assembly process. Masters thesis, UTeM.


Fevilia Nurnadia , Adria Syaifoel (2014) Structural model of customer satisfaction using the integration of kansei engineering and kano method. Masters thesis, UTeM.

Foo , Chi Huie (2014) DMAIC method application top reduce contamination in hard disk drive. Masters thesis, UTeM.


Guat Peng , Ng (2014) Creep assessment of overheated grade 9Cr steels for decision making on plant integrity. ["eprint_fieldopt_thesis_type_engd" not defined] thesis, UTeM.


Hayati Mukti , Asih (2014) Mixed-load machine utilization improvement and transfer batch size optimization using hybrid simulation approach. Masters thesis, UTeM.

Hazlinda , Kamarudin (2014) Effect of grog addition on local clay ceramic properties using extrusion method. Masters thesis, UTeM.


Khairul Anuar , A.Rahman (2014) Developing a meso-scale non-contact measuring method based on vision system : calibration of CCD camera. Masters thesis, UTeM.

Khairul Anuar , Juhari (2014) Development of mobile robot and localization system. Masters thesis, UTeM.

Khairul Izani , Mohd Zukee (2014) Effect of chemicals surface treatment of PVD TiN coated WC on the coating adhesion. Masters thesis, UTeM.

Khuzaimi, Mohd Aris (2014) Comparison of machinability aluminium alloy LM6 when using coated and uncoated carbide cutting tool. Masters thesis, UTeM.

Kumaresan, Magaswaran (2014) Low frequency friction induced vibration of automotive disc brake. Masters thesis, UTeM.


Laila , Ahmad (2014) Analysis working posture and psychophysical factor in stamping industry using rula method. Masters thesis, UTeM.

Lokman , Abdullah (2014) A new control strategy for cutting force disturbance compensation for XY table ball screw driven system. PhD thesis, UTeM.


Mohamad Asmadi , Ahmad (2014) An investigation of sodium silicate added malaccan red clay for slip casting process. Masters thesis, UTeM.

Mohamad Fadli , Saidin (2014) Back end process yield improvement by verification of seeder bulk erase quality for 3.5" reowrk hard disk drive. Masters thesis, UTeM.

Mohd Asri , Yusuff (2014) Penilaian taburan hayat lesu komponen automotif dengan bebanan ekstrem melalui pendekatan ciri hayat taburan dan fungsi keboleharapan. PhD thesis, UTeM.

Mohd Azhar , Ahmad (2014) Effect of activation conditions on the pinang frond based activated carbon performance in dyes removal. Masters thesis, UTeM.

Mohd Ezhar , Amir Razlan Shapawi (2014) Evaluating the service quality in Faculty of Engineering UTeM. Masters thesis, UTeM.

Mohd Hafidz , Zakaria (2014) The development of active front wheel steering system. Masters thesis, UTeM.

Mohd Hafiedzzul , Malek Riduan (2014) Mechanical properties of recycled polypropylene (rPP) processed by injection molding method. Masters thesis, UTeM.

Mohd Khairul Rizal , Mohd Shukor (2014) Motion error and accuracy evaluation method for CNC vertical milling machine. Masters thesis, UTeM.

Mohd Rizal, Alkahari (2014) Consolidation Behavior Of Metal Power In Additive Manufacturing. PhD thesis, Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka.

Mohd Rizuan, Ngah (2014) Evaluation of used plaster of paris recyclebility for mould making. Masters thesis, UTeM.

Muhammad, Waseem (2014) Optimization of cutting parameters to reduce cutting tool temperature in a dry turning process using genetic algorithm. Masters thesis, UTeM.

Muhammad Hafiz, Ahmad Sohan (2014) The effect of load distribution towards the line following performance of two wheel driven mobile robot. Masters thesis, UTeM.

Muhd Ridzuan , Mansor (2014) Concurrent conceptual design of hybrid natural/glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites for automotive parking brake lever. PhD thesis, Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka.

Muhyiaddin Abdul Qadir , Abu Bakar (2014) The degradation study of PVC/ABS and PVC/ABS/Carbon blends during repeated extrusion on mechanical and thermal properties. Masters thesis, UTeM.


Nor Afandi , Sharif (2014) The influence of gas metal arc welding on angular distortion of T-joint. Masters thesis, UTeM.

Nor Safura , Nordin (2014) Process-properties relationship of mild steel orbital welding. Masters thesis, UTeM.


Salam Oleiwi , Radhi Alzubaidi (2014) Measurement of key factors affecting employee extra-role behaviour in Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works in Iraq. Masters thesis, UTeM.

Samsul Anuar, Sulong (2014) Characterization of composite tiles fabricated from recycled polypropelene (rPP) and silica using hot press method. Masters thesis, UTeM.

Siti Fatimah , Abait (2014) Jute/glass reinforced polyester resin laminated composite by compressive moulding : mechanical properties based on different stacking sequence and surface treatment. Masters thesis, UTeM.

Siti Hajar , Sheikh Md Fadzullah (2014) The oblique impact response of composites and sandwich structures. PhD thesis, Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka.


Tan , Soo Yeen (2014) The reduction of defect on label print operation in hard disk drive assembly through lean concept. Masters thesis, UTeM.

Tayalan , Patmanathan (2014) Enhancement of vision inspection method for multiple gap products. Masters thesis, UTeM.


Wai, Chee Mun (2014) Modeling And Analysis Of Composite Hinge For Aircraft Spoiler Using Finite Element Analysis. Masters thesis, UTeM.


Yasarudin, Yayah (2014) Sustainability of zero contamination defects incoming quality inspection : a case study of automated optical visual inspection. Masters thesis, UTeM.


Zaid , Mohd Sa'at (2014) Performance analysis of industrial robots in handling hard disk drive. Masters thesis, UTeM.

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