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Ibrahim, Asriana (2012) A study of vegetale oils performance as a helical gear lubricant. [Technical Report] (Submitted)

Mohd Faizal , Abdollah and Shahrin , Prof. Dr. , Sahib and Nanna , Prof. Dr, Suryana and Othman , Mohd (2013) Remote sensing image classification using soft computing approach. [Technical Report] (Submitted)

Jeefferie, Abdul Razak (2010) Development and mechanical testing of wood composite (WPC) made recycled polymer and recycled wood flour. [Technical Report] (Submitted)

Dhar Malingam, Sivakumar and Subramonian, Sivarao and Selamat, Mohd Zulkefli and Sheikh Md Fadzullah, Siti Hajar and Ab Ghani, Ahmad Fuad and Zulkafli, Norizzati (2019) Formulation of physio-mechanical properties towards enhancing hybrid banana kenaf reinforced bio-composites. [Technical Report] (Submitted)

Khamis, Noorli and Basiron, Halizah and Lee, Mei Ph'ng and Osman, Mashanum and Naim@ Mohayat, Mohd Hariz and Abdul Rahim, Razilah and Abdul Bareed, Nurhidayah (2020) The development of MUET Corpus and MUETapp. [Technical Report] (Submitted)

Basri, Yosza and Ab Rashid, Siti Rosmaniza and Zakaria, Zahriladha and Shaaban, Azizah and Abd Rahim, Rosemizi and Husain, Mohd Nor (2019) A Novel Microwave Sensor With High-Q Resonator For High Sensitivity Material Characterization. [Technical Report] (Submitted)

Robani, Anidah and Ahamat, Amiruddin and Syed Hassan, Syed Najmuddin and Kamarudin, Mohd Fauzi and Ahmat, Norun Najjah and Omar, Siti Rohana and Md Saad, Mohd Shamsuri (2019) Developing A Self-Sufficiency Economy Through Islamic Solidarity Economy (ISE) Model For Sustainable Economy And Resilient Local Community Comparative Perspectives Between Malaysia And Indonesia. [Technical Report] (Submitted)

Md Salim, Sani Irwan and Lim, Kim Chuan and Mohd Yusof, Zulkalnain and Choo, Chin Yoon (2020) Accelerating Image Processing Of Wafer Inspection. [Technical Report] (Submitted)

Saat, Shahrizal (2019) Automation System For Honey Production. [Technical Report] (Submitted)

Sazali, Nur Syafiatun Safwana (2019) Model For Heutagogy Design Process With Gamification To Enhance Learning Engagement (HEUG-LEN). [Technical Report] (Submitted)

Chong, Shin Horng and Abdul Rahim, Ruzairi and Md Ghazaly, Mariam and Jaafar, Hazriq Izzuan and Shukor, Ahmad Zaki and Mohd Mokhtar, Rosmiwati (2017) Investigation Of Practical And Simple Design Procedure For Robust Control Of A Pneumatic Muscle Actuated System. [Technical Report] (Submitted)

Salehuddin, Fauziyah and Mohd Zain, Anis Suhaila and Haroon, Hazura and Abdul Razak, Hanim and Idris@Othman, Siti Khadijah and Ahmadi, Ibrahim (2020) Optimization Of Process Parameter Variation In Double-Gate FinFET Model On Electrical Characteristics Using Statistical Method For Reduced Variability And Enhanced Performance. [Technical Report] (Submitted)

Wong, Yan Chiew and Abdul Hamid, Norihan and Salehuddin, Fauziyah and Ahmad Radzi, Syafeeza and Kok, Swee Leong (2019) Novel High Performance Ambient RFF Energy Harvesting System-On-Chip For Emerging Wireless Devices And Mobile Applications. [Technical Report] (Submitted)

Ahamat, Amiruddin and Ahamad, Suraya and Rajiani, Ismi and Miskun, Muhammad Fahmi and Huslan, Muhammad Amir Afham (2020) Modelling Green Technology Researchers In Opportunity Creation. [Technical Report] (In Press)

Ab Maulod, Hairul Effendy and Mohamad, Noraiham and Shamsuri, Siti Rahmah and Ahsan, Qumrul and Mohd Abid, Mohd Asyadi ‘Azam and Zainal Abidin, Muhammad Zaimi and Abdollah, Mohd Fadzli (2018) Tribological Behaviour Of GreenCarbon Fibre Waste Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites Prepared Via Melt Mixing. [Technical Report] (Submitted)

Mohd Sa’at, Fatimah Al-Zahrah and Mat Tokit, Ernie and Mohd Ghazali, Normah and Putra, Azma (2019) Study Of Turbulence Characteristics Of An Oscillatory Flow Conditions In Thermoacoustic Using Experimentally Validated Two-Equations Turbulence Model. [Technical Report] (Submitted)

Mohamed Aminuddin, Mai Mariam and Mustaffa, Izadora and Brahin, Noor Mohd Ariff (2019) A novel N100 and N170 wave degrading scale by using hybrid fuzzy logic control method for driving alertness measurement. [Technical Report] (Submitted)

Abdollah, Mohd Faizal and S.M.M Yassin, S.M.Warusia Mohamed and Mas’ud, Mohd Zaki and Selamat, Siti Rahayu and Yusof, Robiah and Ahmad, Rabiah and Shahrin @ Sahibuddin, Shahrin (2019) Coordinated Malware Eradication And Remediation Project (CMERP). [Technical Report] (Submitted)

Salim, Mohd Azli and Wasbari, Faizil and Mohd Rosli, Mohd Afzanizam (2019) Tempe Processing Machine. [Technical Report] (Submitted)

Katijan, Adnan and Parnon, Mohamad Afiq Amiruddin and Nordin, Abd Khahar and Abduk Katif, Mohd Faruq and Zahmani, Qamar Fairuz and Aziz, Azwan (2019) Automatic Packaging Machine And Cooling & Strainer Machine For Production Of Crunchy Nuts. [Technical Report] (Submitted)

Alwi @ Suhaimi, Saifulza and Salleh, Mohd Rizal and Jaafar, Hazriq Izzuan and Ab Ghani, Mohd Ruddin and Md Fauadi, Muhammad Hafidz Fazli (2019) A Novel Approach Of Groebner Bases Computation For Safety Analysis Of Distributed Discrete Controllers. [Technical Report] (Submitted)

Ghazali, Rozaimi and Rahmat, Mohd Fua’ad and Md. Sam, Yahaya and Yusof, Ahmad Anas and Jaafar, Hazriq Izzuan and Hanafi, Dirman (2019) Adaptive Robust Control Strategy With Recursive Priority Based Fitness Particle Swarm Optimization For An Electro Hydraulic Actuator System. [Technical Report] (Submitted)

Wan Abdul Razak, Intan Azmira and Zainal Abidin, Izham and Yap, Keem Siah and Sulaima, Mohamad Fani and Hassan, Elia Erwani and Gan, Chin Kim (2019) A New Optimization Technique Of Support Vector Machine For Electricity Market Price Forecasting. [Technical Report] (Submitted)

Zainuddin, Hidayat and Aman, Aminudin and Sutan Chairul, Imran and Kamarudin, Muhammad Saufi and Mohd Wari, Jamaludin (2020) Parametric Investigation Of SF6 Gas Mixtures For Ring Main Unit (RMU) Switchgear Application. [Technical Report] (Submitted)

Ismail, Mohd. Farid and Abdullah, Muhammad Ilman Hakimi Chua and Abu Bakar, Muhammad Fairuz and Ahmad, Azrin and Mokhtar, Mohd Sulhan and Hamzah, Luqman Hakim and Othman, Muhammad Nur and Siam, Effendy Onn (2018) Temperature Control System For Fertigation Application. [Technical Report] (Submitted)

Hasan, Rafidah and Alkahari, Mohd Rizal and Ismail, Rainah and Said, Radzai and Md Ali, Syaril Azrad and Azmi, Muhamad Syafwan and Rosli, Nur Ameelia (2019) Investigation On Process-Properties Relationship With Load-Bearing Performance Of Lattice-Structured Cellular Material For Lightweight Applications. [Technical Report] (Submitted)

Othman, Intan Sharhida and Othman, Radzali and Mohamad Juoi, Jariah and Sundi @ Suandi, Syahrul Azwan and Mohd Rosli, Zulkifli and Zainal Abidin, Muhammad Zaimi (2020) Formulation Of Nickel Matrix Composite Coating Utilizing Malaysian Quarry Dust As Reinforcement For Tribology And Corrosion Performance. [Technical Report] (Submitted)

Chong, Shin Horng and Hassan, Mohd Khair and Loh, Ser Lee and Md Nawawi, Mohamad Riduwan and Selamat, Hazlina (2019) A Novel Practical Synchronization Control Approach For A Twin-Axes Table Driven System In Industrial Transportation. [Technical Report] (Submitted)

Mohamat Gani, Johar Akbar and Md Nawawi, Mohamad Riduwan and Kok, Swee Leong and Nazmin Azmi, Aimie and Zakaria, Mohd Hafiz (2019) I-Sajadah Prayer Rug With Smart Raka’ah Notification Device. [Technical Report] (Unpublished)

Sheikh Md. Fadzullah, Siti Hajar and Omar, Ghazali and Mustafa, Zaleha and Hasan, Rafidah and Mohd Noh, Mohd Syahrin Amri and Wu, Jonathan and Samsudin, Zambri (2019) Bonding Material Enhancement For Surface Mount Component On Plastic Assembly. [Technical Report] (Submitted)

Abd Rahman, Md Nizam and Muhamad, Razali and Ahmad, Anuar Fadli and Raj, Adrian (2020) Investigation Of Cu Interconnect Bulk Resistivity Deterioration As A Function Of Annealing Time. [Technical Report] (Submitted)

Omar, Rosli and Sulaiman, Marizan and Othman, Abdul Rani and Azri, Maaspaliza (2019) Design And Development Of A SEPIC Converter For PV Application. [Technical Report] (Submitted)

Omar, Ghazali and Samsudin, Zambri and Nordin, Mohd Nur Azmi and Kamarolzaman, Anita Akmar and Masripan, Nor Azmmi and Salim, Mohd Azli and Mansor, Muhd Ridzuan and Wu, Jonathan Wei Ping (2019) An Investigation Of Superhydrophobic Waterproofing For Electronic Assembly. [Technical Report] (Submitted)

Mohd Ab. Halim, Mohd Firdaus and Abdullah, Abdul Rahim and Haji Azlan, Umar Al-Amani and Mohd Aras, Mohd Shahrieel and Mohd Annuar, Khalil Azha and Azahar, Arman Hadi and Attan, Hassan and Harun, Mohamad Haniff and Nawiah, Nedzarul and Md Som, Mohd Khairul Syazuan (2019) The Development Of Fast Charger 48V Lead Acid Battery For Electrical Scooter MAD 1000 & MAD 1300 Model. [Technical Report] (Submitted)

Zahmani, Qamar Fairuz and Abdul Latif, Mohd Faruq and Nordin, Abdul Khahar and Katijan, Adnan and Aziz, Azwan and Parnon, Mohamad Afiq Amiruddin and Mokhtar, Siti Nor’ain (2019) Automated Powder Filler Machine. [Technical Report] (Submitted)

Ghazali, Rozaimi and Sulaima, Mohamad Fani and Ab. Ghani, Mohd Ruddin and Othman, Md Nazri and Jali, Mohd Hafiz (2017) Knowledge Transfer Of Aedes Larvae Control System For Dengue Outbreak To A Local Authority Company. [Technical Report] (Submitted)

Sahib, Shahrin (2005) GIS based location information enquiry system (gisbalies). [Technical Report] (Submitted)

Suryana, Nanna and Widodo, Wahyono Sapto and Hussin, Burairah and Mohd. Yusoh, Zeratul Izzah and Akbar, Habibullah (2012) Design and development of intelligent 3d model recognition and inspection system in die stamping industry. [Technical Report] (Submitted)

Kamal Baharin, Safiza Suhana (2007) Cartographic representation on small devices. [Technical Report]

Hanipah, Hussin (2012) Triple helix program. [Technical Report]

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